Yorkshire Head - RESULTS.

Yorkshire Head -RESULTS.

Thank you to everyone who helped and competed at the Yorkshire Head, we hope you enjoyed the event.

Here are the results: PDF XLSX.

Photographs are being taken at the Yorkshire Head 2019 can be viewed here.“

Yorkshire and NW Explore Series 2019.

Yorkshire and NW Explore Series 2019.

Get ready for the Explore Series 2019 the 300m Splash and Dash event for teams of 6 in coxed fours. The equipment is provided by the host clubs and best of all there is cake!

17 March Leeds RC.
14 April Runcorn RC.
19 May Warrington RC
23 June John O'Gaunt, Lancaster
201 September Grosvenor, Chester
21 October Windermere RC
Poster Rules Entry Form.

Yorkshire Rowing Council Meeting, 3 June, 2019.

Yorkshire Rowing Council Meeting, 3 June, 2019.

The Yorkshire Rowing Council is meeting on Monday 3 June at Doncaster ARC. The meeting starts at 7:30pm and everyone is welcome to attend.

Yorkshire Regattas 2019

Yorkshire Regattas 2019.

4 May York Spring Regatta
27 April Bradford War of the Roses
23 June York Summer Regatta
29 June Bradford Sprint Regatta
14 Sept Bradford Autumn Regatta
And don't forget about the Explore Rowing Series.

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